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Adverse Events Recovery and Information Center

Healing From the Roots


Who is AERIC

A voice for the voiceless

We, at the Adverse Events Recovery and Information Center, seek to provide health guidance and recovery to families, and individuals, who have succumbed to injury via pharmaceuticals. We strive to provide aid where needed, in a naturally-minded approach: healing from the roots.


We believe that, far too often, conventional medicines treat symptoms and not the actual source.  This fuels our passion in assisting our clients.  We will arrange a partnership with professionals who specialize in alternative and holistic therapies.  We will fund their treatments from donations received from our sponsors, patrons, members, and those who care to make a difference.   


Bike Ride

Follow us (and join us) as we make our way across the United States in the summer of 2020 to spread awareness!

You Can Make a Difference

We depend on financial support to help those in need. The resources we provide come from the generosity of businesses and people that care to make a difference, in the lives of those that have been failed by conventional care. 

We have several options to participate in helping us, help others. 

*We have sponsorship opportunities for businesses.

*We allow individuals to become a patron that subscribe to a monthly donation.

*We accept one time donations.

*We also have fundraising opportunities where people can purchase items and the profits go to our clients.

Please consider choosing to join us and be a voice for the voiceless. Good health is priceless. Sadly, those that have been harmed from pharmaceuticals are struggling to find hope, and when they do, most times, it is unaffordable to them. You can help change that. You can make a difference. 

Please join us. 

Make a Donation




Patreon: www.patreon.com/aericheals

Please be advised :

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Contact us today and start getting involved.